Friday, 29 October 2010

The way things were

Theres a lot to tell about this place ,so as  I dig it up (physically or metaphorically) I' ll just add it to the blog. Heres the first info I found when researching the previous history a few months ago. Its from a (fortunately digitised) copy of "The Gardener's magazine and register of rural & domestic improvement, Volume 1, 1826"

What would we do without Google ! 

Original version is viewable in full here Pages 252 to 258

Our house is (d) . Its quite amazing to think of all the work and effort that this site must have absorbed over the last 204 years.

All that remains of the "garden" is the ruins, weeds and a few holly hedges that might be left over from "(r) Line of variegated Hollies" on the map." (u) Four divisions of flued wall" still has a few of the pear trees. that would have enjoyed the warmth of the (now partially collapsed) heated wall

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