Friday, 29 October 2010

The way things are

To compare with previous post, some idea of the challenge ahead can be see from this recent aerial photo

The modern tin sheds at the bottom of photo are about 30m long and had partially collapsed as well ! Ruin upon ruin ! They were my first challenge since they were close and full of easily reclaimable metal roof and timbers

The huge shed is mainly empty now but was full of rows of  poultry battery cages when I first saw it. They'd gone almost immediately when the site was partly cleared for the sale- off to the scrap man to be turned into something less unhygenic ! Theres still quite a lot to remove though...

The large ruin on right was originally the " excellent room on a level with the top of the greenhouse stage, where are deposited some beautiful specimens of natural history, and a few useful books."
The roof fell in about 20 years ago apparently and even the walls are starting to crumble badly. Not so excellent now.

The trampoline came with the house - thanks for that - the kids love it !

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