Thursday, 28 October 2010

Lets get started !

I'm sure all bloggers probably start their first Blog with the same post so heres goes...

"Woohoo I'm a blogger ! " OK enough of that.

The purpose of this foray into blogging is to help share the story of the ongoing transformation of our "new" 200 year old, partly-derelict historic walled gardened house which was formerly part of the Dalhousie Castle policies just south of Edinburgh. I'll tell the story of why we bought it later.

I'd like to share the "trials and tribulations" that will no doubt befall us as well as hopefully inspire you what can be done by an ordinary family who find a dream to follow. I'd like the blog to act as an "open diary" relating to everything we try at "the farm" and I already suspect that I'll need to do a bit of soul-searching in how to do that in an honest fashion without leaving the excrutiating bits out too often

In time I'd like to use the blog for a few philosophical thoughts of my own which occasionally pop into my head ,especially when working alone and tired. Maybe they'll be mini-rants, maybe I wont be brave enough...maybe I'll learn something about myself and my friends (and future friends) will get to know me better.
"And pigs might fly" they say.

Well a farm would be as good a place to test that theory as anywhere. Lets get started and see !

Reuben Welch (with future input from April, Willow and Lundy !)

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