Some early panoramas of Grove Farm

Photos of Grove Farm, Bonnyrigg taken during the few months of moving here in September 2010 which gives a overall idea of what we have taken on.

The original 'guided tour' blogpost is here  if you missed it

The aerial photo below was taken in the 1980's and the farm had been tidied up quite a bit when we took over in September 2010.

Much of the yard machinery had gone but otherwise it looked very similar except for the ruin at bottom of photo which had by then lost its roof and collapsed. The adjoining barns had been thoughtfully bulldozed , mainly into the river which runs (out of sight) down the right side of photo.

The large sheds to left had all collapsed as did the one with the stripey roof above the house just after we got here. The biggest barn has been partly dismantled (about half) and the wind removed a big section of roof  in the winter of 2011. Most of the asbestos cement roofed sheds have been legally disposed of by myself.

The big brown slick is chicken "waste" presumably washed out of barn. Amusingly quite a few of the items detailed in the original high resolution photo were still in evidence close to the same places over twenty years later !