Saturday, 23 June 2012

Happy people

Theres been lots going on over the last month down at the farm. I've posted some of these photos already on the Facebook page if some look familiar. 

To start with , we had some more free, recycled kids play equipment which made for an amusing sight driving through town...

 ..almost as amusing as seeing 'Grumpy' testing it out, much to the delight of his grandchildren...

The neighbours have been keeping us entertained as well...

...and there were a lot of us to entertain (seven Welch family members at once!)

...and sometimes the weather alone was enough to bring a smile to every face

Meanwhile, hiding in the barn, Sam worked away at repairing the sandstone and brick garden walls

... or was he building himself into the wall ???

Happy at his work ...

 The sun has brought out the buttercups but Mickey the mule has been sent off to the donkey sanctuary (where he was very happy apparently) and the other pony has gone back to its home.

 Also leaving home for the first time (on a bike ride), the best dressed cyclists in town (well some of them - red wellies on a bike ??)

 ... no prizes for guessing where we ended up...    yes, downhill !

Back in the yard , time passed slowly

...waiting for the big arrival of the month (in yellow, to match the digger that appearead last month)

The new purchase was tested...

...and immediately put to work...

The entrance way to yard has had a makeover with new soil and low sandstone wall...

...eventually the whole yard will receive this much care and attention to detail.

Sam finished the two 'holes' , you can hardly see the join...

...good for another 200 years maybe...

There is still much more to repair, although this bit might demolish itself first.
I drive under this bit holding my breath !

 Which give me lots of breath to expell when I dig through the mains again !

The digger / dumper combo have proved to be just the job and has speeded up work considerably

...although it has had some unintended consequences...  (mind the roof! - crunch!!!)

Not everyone needs an expensive toy to keep themselves amused. Who would have thought that old till rolls could be so much fun !

or that a hand-powered grass seed-spreader could  be so satisfying! (check the facial expression if you dont believe me! - "ooh this IS fun!" )

Whereas this looks like someone who may have just done something that needs a BIG hammer to fix..

 It OK, he knows what he's doing (what do you mean you're off on holiday in two days , what about the tractor !)

Contemplating the colour blue can induce a sense of calm...
Blue Kiwi
Even the last remaining chicken looks happy (although the five dead ones look less happy)

And also not looking happy -me !

I've just started removing about thirty cubic meters of rotten chicken poo mixed with thousands of old bread bags that have been decomposing since I removed the asbestos shed last year.  Nice work if you can get it !

One day it will all be beautiful again !

I think we're getting there slowly,  I hope you enjoy following the adventure !