Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Batteries flat

Back in October 2010  I was on full charge  and ready to blitz all the shed demolition as quickly as I could.
As the months have gone past I was well aware that I was avoiding the issue of this shed particularly and for good reason, not only is almost entirely made of crumbling asbestos cement panels,

but its already started collapsing making it hard and dangerous to work on.

This shed was originally used as a chicken battery - an early version of mechanised egg farming and according to the manufacturers label it was the "Clean-ezie" variety. How hard could it be to tidy up  ?

Never believe the label ! Take a quick tour inside and see where Bonnyriggs eggs used to come from in the 1990's!

(to help visualise, my Dad is doing a chicken dance in case you're wondering whats going on in next photo!)

 It was a real state ! There were even still some bits of chickens lying in the muck on the floor !

We managed to take it all apart methodically , keeping the asbestos cement dust under control by spraying it frequently with water. What had looked like a clucking nightmare turned out to be just a fowl job instead !

At least Willow and the potatoes enjoyed all the water being sprayed about in that general area.

Of course when you get wet, you get cold, so what better way to warm up than (yet another) monster bonfire with all that shed timber. This was the third and final one for this shed , I didn't dare try and burn it all at once !

 Don't stand too close April !

I love living in a non -smokefree zone ! You couldn't do this in town thats for sure !

Bizarrely, as soon as that shed went, another shed appeared - recycled from the local nursery school. I couldn't face building one from scratch !

The kids have been having a lot of fun recently. "Is it ready yet ?!"

Its a mutant monster ! were the tiny carrots..

...very "Thats Life " (if you can remember Esther Rantzen and her rudely shaped vegetables.)

 We've been recycling some other stuff as well - some  local tarmac road ended up on our drive (thanks to local neighbour Willsweep)

and the trusty road team went out yet again, (powered by strawberries and carrots this time), and flattened it all.

An even bigger pile of woodchippings (recycled from local tree felling)   has also appeared ready for mulching and a kids play area.

That was far more fun to flatten !

Yes, I still had just enough energy to fly through the air.  Maybe the batteries weren't completely flat after all.

Which is lucky, because round the back of the glasshouse is....

...yet another chicken shed !

(And this one has a floor covered two feet deep in solidified chicken poo !)