Thursday, 17 May 2012

Videos of the woodland, before and after clearing

For ease of comparison , here are the 'before and after' walkthroughs of the woodland. They both quite long (12 and 22 minutes) so best have a coffee in hand.

The first was filmed in summer 2011 with my cousin Henry Fletcher.

Before clearance video

The second filmed at the end of April 2012, after around a thousand hours of combined work.

After clearance video

As you will see there's a little extra work to do but I'm going to leave the rest until we see how the woodland adapts to its rather severe clearance. Its also been too wet to take the tractor in to remove a few of the larger trees and firewood piles safely. They will be gone in the next few months.

Lots of the old river bank fencing was removed along with the rhododendron so its still a bit dangerous for small children if anyone is visiting, though its not an issue for sober adults. I'm going to try and get this replaced before the end of the year but dont let that put you off visiting in the dry !


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